Mutual Fund & SIP Investment

What is a Mutual Fund?

And more over who should invest in this financial product? Mentioned below are some of the salient features of Mutual Funds.

  • It is a large pool of money, collected from thousands of small / big investors which are typically managed by a fund manager.
  • The risk in mutual funds in minimal because it is monitored by SEBI and constantly graded by ratings organisations.
  • Low fees - This simply means less negative impact on your returns.
  • Fund managers generally invest this corpus in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other assets to minimise risk and increase returns.

What is SIP ?

SIP is extremely flexible. Unlike Mutual Funds where you can invest lump sum amount and see your money grow, Systematic Investment Plan allows you to build your corpus over a period of time.

Why SIP?

The reason for investing in SIP is twofold.

  • Investment can be made in small amounts. Even Rs. 500 per month can go a long way in wealth generation.
  • This amount can be increased or decreased based on the final financial goal. It is this flexibility which makes SIP a practical investment option.

How SIP will help to achieve your goal?

As mentioned above by tweaking the amount of money invested in SIP, an individual investor can easily achieve his/her financial goal. A point to note; this investment needs to be continued regardless of the NAV (Net Asset Value) or market sentiments. In short, SIP demands consistent and persistent investment.

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