About Us

Company Profile

Growcap Investments Pvt.Ltd. was incorporated on 14th Feb 2012 with the sole aim of providing innovative investment options to a spectrum of citizenry from across major economic spaces. Although we are a medium sized entity we boast a long list of satisfied customers from varied age groups and equally varied social landscape.

Growcap Investments Pvt.Ltd. is spearheaded by Mr. Mukesh Dhanuka, a capital market specialist, with a sharp analytical mind and unmatched passion for wealth creation and management through a plethora of platforms such as mutual funds, equity, commodities and currency markets. The highly talented and qualified ream of Growcap Investments Pvt.Ltd. offers carefully analyzed and customized investment solutions to individuals, HNI’s and companies so that they achieve their desired financial goals; both long term and short term.

We firmly believe that working individuals and business entities need a solid plan-of-action that would meet their future financial obligations. At the same time we also believe that those who have already achieved their monetary goals need to manage it wisely and enhance its value further. This is where we step in. Our mutual funds expert guidance can not only help entities build wealth over a certain timeline but preserve and even enhance its value further.

Our single window portal offers a fantastic road-map which is in line with latest investment options. Moreover, the intuitively designed website simplifies the planning and investment process immensely.

Although GROWCAP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd started out with financial trading segments such as equities, commodities and currency, our foray into mutual funds carries the same halo of success. By offering market oriented investment products and impressive edge in currency risk exposure, we have etched our name in the financial investment arena. We are an acknowledged player in these spaces, and hence on the approved list of major stock exchange/s such as BSE, NSE and also on other markets / bourses such as commodities and currency.


Mukesh Dhanuka


Mukesh Dhanuka is a Bachelor in Management Studies and loves the world of finance and financial planning. A Lala Lajpat Rai College alumni, he's also done Family Management Business course from S.P. Jain College to enhance his business management capabilities. He's been associated with financial markets from a very long time. He was a co-partner for 7 years with an equities based company in Kolkata. Then, in 2013, he created his own enterprise, which offered stocks, commodities and currency related services. This was soon followed by mutual funds.

Anupama Dhanuka


Anupama is a multi-faceted, multi-talented personality and one of the driving forces of GROWCAP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. She provides the traction and the tempo in the form of new ideas, customer acquisition, surveying and incorporating trending business propositions. An Inter C.A with several certifications to her credit she boasts 5 years of active experience. Some of her credentials include Currency Deviation, NCFM and AMFI. Incidentally, she is also a gifted fashion designer.

Our Team

Pooja Gupta

Pooja is an equity fanatic. With over 7+ years of experience in this arena, and almost 4 years in GROWCAP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. she's an one woman army, handling customer requests, looking after stock advisory services and at the same time provides vital whitepaper support in the form of online and offline reports. She is an NCFM (NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets) certified entity. Interestingly, this test literally measures practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets.

Dhruvi Shah

Dhruvi is an MBA in finance, and one of the driving forces at GROWCAP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd’s mutual fund business. With several years of experience in this arena, Dhruvi exploits her passion for numbers to study and narrow down some of the rising gems of this industry which are then recommended to company’s clients for their financial planning tasks. In short, Dhruvi and mutual funds are simply inseparable. She is also an NCFM (NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets) certified entity.

Manoj Dwivedi

Manoj is a commerce graduate with 10+ years of experience. Incidentally, prior to joining GROWCAP Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. he was associated with another renowned finance company, learning the intricacies of the trade with eager mind and unmatched focus. He is an integral part of the company and single handedly looks after a myriad of tasks and operations such as bringing in new customers, planning strategies for growth, initiating sales and marketing schemes for improved customer satisfaction and retention. He is guardian of all the services that the company provides its customers. Manoj is also an NCFM certified entity.